Centre for Enterpriseand Technology Transfer


Prof. Z. Szafrana 4
65-516 Zielona Góra

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www: www.cptt.uz.zgora.pl


Centre for Enterprise and Technology Transfer, University of Zielona Gora performs services for the University but also for any other entity such as an individual, an inventor, a company, a public utility unit, etc. the main aims of the Centre are innovation stimulating, entrepreneurship promoting, actions with regard to technology transfer and coordination of communication and experience sharing between the University and the business or industry partners, local authorities and business support organisations.


Enterprise Europe Network is the largest worldwide network for the support of technological and commercial co-operation enabling local companies and institutions to establish international business contacts. Bringing together around 600 business support organisations from  more than 60 countries, Enterprise Europe Network helps small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market. Thanks to the funding of the European Union and the Polish Ministry of Economy all the services performed for the companies are free of charge.


We are a member of Enterprise Europe Network West Poland Consortium consisting of 9 institutions located in the West of Poland that perform services aiming at entrepreneurship development. Our team consists of 3 consultants specialised in different areas in order to provide the possible wide range of support. You can find the information about the partners in other regions under the following link: www.westpoland.pl

Our actions are reflected in our clients’ successes. They establish actual co-operation with foreign partners obtaining new customers, suppliers or subcontractors. Since 2008 as a result of our support around 30 international technology transfer and commercial partnerships and agreements have been signed by our clients.



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