Technology audit


Technology audit is the evaluation of the company’s technological potential and applied procedures as well as the identification of the company’s strong and weak points in order to increase its competitiveness on national and international market.

Technology audit performed by the Centre consultants will provide the information on the areas of the company’s business activity which need to be supported but also the ones which further development may be based on.

The range of the technology audit covers such areas as:    

-          company management, download-1013983 640

-          human resources and potential,

-          manufacturing capacity,

-          technological and manufacturing potential,

-          marketing and retailing,

-          specification of the company’s needs,

-          other areas, defined individually with the clients.

The audit is given to the company in the form of a report describing the actual condition of the company with regard to technological development and providing conclusions and recommendations for further actions.

Technology audit is offered only to the local companies (from the Lubusz Voivodeship).

If your company needs support in the form of technology audit arrange the meeting with one of our consultants.



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